QOTD #13


Have you ever met a fantage celebrity? Which one?


15 thoughts on “QOTD #13

  1. ✯ℓ๏ℓℓч✯ says:

    Lol I’ve talked to Pinkstardust, Aurora, I’ve versed Angelinajb in a fashion battle (which i surprisingly won because she got the theme wrong) and I’ve seen Gianna and Nickwall


  2. Nutella Bae says:

    I’ve seen Yara_Yara, I was in a server pinkstardust was in, but everyone was crowding so I didn’t even see her, I’ve seen Nick something (I think hes famous), I’ve seen aurora_3, and that’s pretty much it.
    I never talked to any of them, though, cuz I’m always shy and scared.


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