Dear Panda(s) and Vanilla…

Okay. This is cheesy, sorta like a pizza. But… I just have a message for you guys! ❤ Hope ya read it. Oh geez. It’s corny AND cheesy. xD

Dear Panda(s) and Vanilla,

Your blog is  amazing, you inspire me every day. I would have never have made a blog if I haven’t stumbled across your blog. You truly inspire me. I wouldn’t be here today. Yes, my blog is small, and it will (probably) stay that way. You helped me get on my feet, all of you! ❤

Thank you!

Bless your soul,


NOTE: This post is directed to all the pandas I met. They’re blogs are amazing, pandas have talent yo. Vanilla as in vanillame. (From FVP, go follow them)!

PicMonkey Sample5


11 thoughts on “Dear Panda(s) and Vanilla…

  1. Panda8pie says:

    Thank you Minty! It’s amazing having a fan like you~
    We all start small, and we eventually grow into something big (even I’m not that well known LOL) People like you, make my day and I always look forward to the development of your blog! Wish you the best of luck ❤


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