Sorry… (Updates + Message)

Ugh. I’ve been so inactive lately. Anyways guys, today I’m just going to through in some random future updates and present updates.


. School starts for me on Sept. 8

. Probably going to have lots of homework which means I can’t work on the blog as much as I used to 😦

That’s it. (For now).


. Got MyMall permission. (Check out my last posts).

. Going on a hiatus soon. (On fantage and my blog).

That’s it. (For now).

Anyways, I will be holding another raffle once I hit 30 followers, yes, I’ve made up my mind. And the prizes for the last people will have to be later. I am really sorry to the raffle winners.

  1. You didn’t get your prizes. YET.
  2. The member accounts are expired.

Yeah, so bad news all around. Sorry everyone for being inactive and to the raffle winners, once I return (date N/A) the winners will receive your prizes.

I’m sooooooo sorry for everything!~

PicMonkey Sample5


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