Please Read (School Post)

(I am on fantage on the burgundy bullfrog server).

*Sigh* School’s around the corner which means,

Goodbye blog.


The archives will look so bare.

‘Cause of darn school.

I will miss you all.

Please read below


Where to begin. Okay. I’m going into higher grades now which means more schoolwork, more schoolwork = more homework = less blog time. I am really disappointed. I will probably only post once a month. But if I’m lucky enough to have no homework, I will be able to write some posts. I will try my hardest to get get any homework, if I do I cannot post for that day. But if I have no homework then I will try to write multiple posts. Question of the day may not be able to continue during school because of schoolwork. I cannot focus on my blog and fantage as much as I used to. Don’t worry though, I will never quit blogging, it just that school’s more important. I will also make a blog focusing on my life only and what’s going on in my life and stuff. But anyways, thanks if you continue to read my blog during school.

Thank you all. I love you amazing 26 people and they rest that read my blog.

This may be my last post for a while… 🐻

PicMonkey Sample5


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