First Contest Results!

Okay, I know this is way early, but I’m busy on Oct. 31st so I’m doing the contest winners today.



Cutiecake, RainbowStar135 and C A R L Y! Congrats you guys!

Email the blog at:

If you don’t email within 2 days, the prizes will go to the next person.

Okay, so, include this in your email:

. Your fantage username.

. Your fantage level.

. Your likes and dislikes.

. A picture of your fantage user

(Vvviio, could you please send me this info as well?!)

This info will be used for your profile. (I am currently making profiles (not gravatar or wordpress) using some widgets (the text one preferably, as well as image.)

So, just write an email sorta like this:

Hey queenminty,

I would like to claim my prize and I would like (or not like) to be and editor, I will also want (or not want) PM accounts.


[Your name]

Yeah, so pretty straight forward! Thanks for entering! I am planning another contest in October, stay tuned!

PicMonkey Sample5


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