My Wishlist

Hey guys! Below are some items I want, if you are willing to give me them, just comment, if not, ignore this post please. I will purchase them with gold! You may have to put them on hold for me though, ’cause currently I’m broke, haha. 🙂

No, sorry, I don’t trade.

(Note, I just got the shaggy red hair, tank top thingy and teal skirt a couple of days ago!)

I’m desperate for food! Haha! Especially the pie.. xD

Two items I’m desperate for! ^

(These photos were mostly from stores and other account inventories. And possibly the internet.)

I know, I’m really greedy, but I honestly have nothing in my inventory. I’ll make an inventory video and upload it to YouTube, then I’ll upload it to here. Anyways, If you have any of these items, let me know! Yes, I will pay with gold. Just tell me what you want for it. (Please don’t get annoyed that some items appear twice, I know that!)

PicMonkey Sample5


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