My Birthday Is Coming Up!

Hey guys! So today I wanted to announce that my birthday will be on the 17 of September, please don’t ask how old I am, I get kind of uncomfortable! xD

So on September 17th, I will be hosting a party! I might get a membership for my birthday so I’ll literally throw a birthday party with the party option.. Just kidding. 🙂 So it will take place on the silver bunny server at Mt. Fantage. It will be all day long, so don’t worry about what time you show up!  I chose Mt. Fantage because it is usually quiet (I honestly forgot it even existed, I had to check the map.) So anyways, afterwards, once some people show up, we will head to the carnival and play some games! Then we will go to the photo booth and take some pictures!

The only way this will be the best birthday ever if you amazing people show up! I might even announce that it’s my birthday downtown! Thank you all for reading, and thanks for showing up if you can! It’s perfectly fine if you can’t make it, you don’t have to feel guilty! 🙂

PicMonkey Sample5


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