★Tips and Tricks★

How to get people to buy your items:

  1. Get a good kiosk. The ones fantage suggests are awful. Floors 1-6 is a good place to go.
  2. Advertise. Who knows? This could help you.
  3. Sell GOOD items for a REASONABLE price. Don’t try to sell Cody or Lucky Bot items, yeah, you may hate them, but so does everybody else!
  4. People LOVE limited items! Sell OLD limited items, not newer ones. If you do want to sell a newer limited item, sell it for 500-600.

what not to do:

  1. Sell not-expired rares for ridiculous prices.
  2. Scamming. People WILL remember you. And they most likely will be recording it, too.
  3. Sell Le Shop items. Like, seriously? Do I even have to explain?

What to do:

  1. Sell items that you have DUPLICATES of. But I’m not talking Cody or Lucky Bot, again, I mean good items that people would actually want.
  2. Buy items from the Trendsetters List. They cost eCoins (pretty cheap, around 1,000 eCoins) and people ARE willing to buy them.
  3. Trade. What is better then getting rid of an item you don’t want, but getting an item you do want?!
  4. Buy an item that is cheap, A POPULAR OR NICE ITEM. Then sell it later on for the average price (maybe even higher!).