Konnichiwa! Genki desu ka?

Hello! How are you?

Welcome to my blog!

It’s really lame and old so idk.

I realized that I procrastinated so much looking back at all these “headers” I promised people haha.

I still might make a YouTube channel, it will be so dank.

Literally obsessing over:

  • Animal Crossing
  • Phan
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Slime
  • Squishies
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Dan + Phil
  • Coding

I will update the list above a lot, as I change my interests frequently. ^^

Anyways, go knock yourselves out in this pit of idk.


I Hope Y’all Choke: The Third Installment in the “I’M STRESSED” Series

I can’t believe my life has come to this point where I’m actually making a post about this

If you don’t know the story of me and Z, here’s a recap:

My friends, Vegetable, Hammer, Flower, Water, and Burger, all ship me with Z. How did this happen? Hammer, Burger, and I were going home on the train, and Hammer was talking about her “men.” She decided that I needed a “man” for some reason, and Burger suggested all these random people until she mentioned Z. Hammer and Burger agreed that Z was the best possible match for me because we’re both “small (short) and cute.”

Many things have happened since then. I made 2 very detailed posts about this [x,x] about my previous struggles, and I recommend you read them first to understand some of the “inside jokes” in here. I’m gonna add even more here.


First of all, someday this month, Vegetable and I were walking home together because everyone else ditched us and we ran into Z’s friend, Cheesecake. Because Cheesecake is Z’s friend, Vegetable said she was gonna “help” me and get Z’s number. She asked Cheesecake for Z’s number, and surprisingly, he actually showed it to us. I didn’t get a good look at it because I didn’t actually want to know, but Vegetable was like, “Write it down!” I didn’t listen to her obviously.

The next day, Cheesecake teased me in art, asking if I still wanted Z’s number, but I blamed it on Vegetable. I overreacted and though Cheesecake told Z because they’re friends, and friends tell each other shit like that. Luckily, I got my other friend who isn’t involved with these people, Queen, to ask Cheesecake because they’re kinda friends and Cheesecake claims he didn’t tell Z, but I’m not sure he’s telling the truth. Why? I overreact too much.


My friends and I are in a group chat on Instagram along with a bunch of other people because that’s the normal friend group thing. One day, Vegetable decided to tell us that she was gonna “help” me “catch the wave” and said she dmed Z. She said she was gonna get me his number again because I didn’t care enough to remember. She had a good look at it and asked if the number she “remembered” was his, but apparently he said it wasn’t his. She called for Flower to help, and then they started planning our wedding.


Another day, Burger, Water, and I ran in Cheesecake and his other friend, Nasty. We were all on the train together because our school seems to really love the front of the train station. Cheesecake brought up Z for some reason, and Burger and Water were “fangirling.” They were like “Oh my god, you ship them together too?!” Nasty, who’s also Z’s friend, was like, “Z? Which Z?” (Obviously, he didn’t say “Z,” but his actual name, but I’m not disclosing that.) Burger was like, “the small one.” Nasty probably thinks I like Z now, and might tell him just because. Wow I need to stop overreacting.

Cheesecake and Nasty got off at a stop, and it was just me and my friends. At our stop, Burger noticed an ad for lingerie, and was like “Oh! You’re gonna buy that for PBJ!” to Water, and “You too, but for Z” to me. This is very minor, but it’s still an incident so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yesterday, Vegetable told me that she told Z that she planned our wedding. (Personally I think that’s creepy, but ok.)  If Z didn’t thought I was a creep before these new incidents happened, I’m pretty sure he does now.


I was already stressing out over her dming him before, so I asked Queen to ask Z if Vegetable talked him recently. Queen said she would, but every time she’s asked him something, he’s always like “I don’t know,” which is weird because my other friend, Poodle, says he’s so helpful in our language class when he still sat her table. I even said that she could ask someone else to ask him because I just needed answers. I, of course, expected good answers, meaning that he’d talk about what Vegetable said, but did not get what I wanted. I had a field trip today so I reminded her to ask and tell me when I come back. When I returned, Queen said she asked Cheesecake to ask Z in lunch (?), but he forgot the question, so he had to ask in the hallway when his class was dismissed. According to Queen, all he said was, “Yeah, but I forgot what she said.” I don’t believe that he forgot, but I can’t find out anymore because Queen said if Cheesecake asks again, it’ll seem creepy as well.


I should write a book on this someday. It’ll sell for millions.


I got a 85 on my bio test I’m so blessed

Why am I stressed again?

My friends.

They’re too obsessed with this ship (read last post for more info), and I’m going through an emotional crisis

  1. Z now officially has a code name; something only people my friends actually pay attention to has. Z is now “The Wave” (???????????????)
  2. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Z, my friends, and I are in the same room, they’re all like “GET YOUR MAN” or “GO CATCH THE WAVE” and they over-analyze things
  3. They even took pictures of him during my health class
  4. I’m very conflicted tbh
  5. I don’t know if I like him or not
  6. I don’t get butterflies or whatever when I’m around him or anything
  7. But at the same time, whenever they ask me if I like him, I can’t deny it????
  8. I feel like i’m gonna embarrass myself in front of him
  9. But at the same time, I feel like that around everyone i’m not comfortable around
  10. I avoid the conversation if they talk about him, but I also kinda like it????
  11. He probably thinks I’m a creep tho lmao thx a lot fam


As you can tell from the title, I’M STRESSED!!!

SO, there’s this app called After School and it’s where you post anonymous messages about people. It’s like Yik Yak, basically. Anyways, there was a message about me (or I think it’s me because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one named Susan in my school) and apparently there’s someone who likes me, but they don’t know how to talk to me and hope I see the post.

Why am I stressed?

  1. WHO TF IS IT: As much as I try to be nice, I’m not gonna date someone I’m not physically attracted to. They could be the most handsome person but if I don’t find them good-looking, lmao no thanks
  2. MY FRIENDSSsSS: They ship me with someone (smh, so let’s call him Z. I showed them the post and they reached so far. One of my friends, let’s call her TT, asked the group who they shipped me with. Somehow they jumped from that to saying that TT said that Z was my “secret admirer.” (I don’t know how tf they jumped so far but okay). Then they jumped from that to saying that me and Z are dating ???? They could be trolling me bc there’s a possibilty that they wtote it bc no one else in my school know I exist lmao. But i don’t think they would do that tbh, the most they’ve done is call Z my “man” or my “husband”
  3. Family: lmao my family would kick me out if they found out I had a bf so I’d rather not date and have a roof over my head thx
  4. It’s probably fake: idk some of my friends say the posts on there are fake so

So, yes I am very stressed. Not to mention I have a bio test tomorrow and I don’t understand anything we’ve learned.

New Year’s Resolutions

Hey fam! Like everyone else on earth, I made a new year’s resolution and guess what?

I broke it on the first day of 2017 oops lmao

My new year’s resolution was to not stan more groups so I can focus on school instead of fangirling and wanting to die but I stanned a new group lmao

If you cared enough to read this post at all, you should care about who I stanned

INX is a 5 member group that debuted on August 2, 2016 with their song OhNa (Alright). The group is formed under NA Entertainment and consists of members SangHo, JunYong, BonKuk, JiNam and Win.

Y’all should stan if you’re into kpop/boy groups because they’re so underrated

I originally planned to stan them the day they debuted lmao it took me 5 months to actually take time out of my binge watching

If you actually read this, you deserve money lmao this post is so ugly


i’ve been looking at my old posts


i was the cringiest being ever

how did i get more mature in a year?


thank y’all for sticking with this little potato mess

it actually means a lot

i will definitely be posting here more often